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SMOC Campaigns reward attention®

The Conversational Commerce platform

that rewards all sales, loyalty and referral interactions of your business.

Try out a conversational based campaign right here!

Run SMOC Campaigns > Reward Users > Boost sales > Increase Loyalty

  • Reduce cost of acquisition
  • Reduced churn
  • Increase Revenues
Try out a conversational based campaign right here!

SMOC Campaigns

A brand new way to market and sell to your audience

It’s time for you to value those who interact, and stay with your brand. Our solution is based on the concept of conversational commerce; a marketing and sales methodology based on digital back-and-forth conversations with your audience, without the need for business reps on the other end.

In fact; data shows* that landing pages that use conversational interfaces, convert 3-4X more, than regular ones! And when you combine the power of this with gamification and rewards, you get SMOC Campaigns - campaigns that reward attention and build loyalty to your brand.

How SMOC Campaigns let you reward attention

These campaigns fit into your existing marketing mix, and reward your leads, customers and ambassadors for their valuable time, attention and actions. With SMOC campaigns you can reward these people with anything from vouchers or discounts on your products and services, climate-positive credits, or a range of reward types from our partner network.

Learn more about SMOC Rewards
Reward attention – it's valuable
Examples of Rewards:
20% off
Voucher for 10$
Discounted Subscription
Prepaid MasterCard gift cards
15 parking minutes
A cup of coffee
Extended trial period
Reward attention – it's valuable
Learn more about SMOC Rewards