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SMOC is an engagement platform that help B2C companies increase their growth and loyalty with personalised conversations
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Make every interaction
in the customer lifecycle
an opportunity to engage
and learn

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How it works


where in your digital customer journeys you want to increase conversions and engagement.


relevant predefined conversations, using our attention grabbing format.


rewards and gamification to drive even more engagement around your brands offerings.


the conversations in your marketing channels, like websites, landing pages or apps.


and optimize the conversations and rewards used, with our powerful predictive AI features.

Our solutions is used for

Sales & Marketing

Present products and services in more human way.

Engagement & Loyalty

Engage users to sign up for demos, newsletters or loyalty clubs.

Referral Programs

Motivate your best customers and bring their friends along to your brand.

B2B Engagement

Stand out from your competition with interactive and fun outreaches.

The core components of SMOC.AI

Conversation Flows

Talk with your customers, not to them.
Chat based landing pages are proven to convert up to 3-4x better, than traditional ones. Our platform lets you quickly and easily set up your own effective pages like these, using our Conversation Flows.


Make insights your competitive advantage
Learn what your audience responds to in your Conversation Flows, and use this knowledge to improve all of your marketing and sales efforts, using our powerful analytics tool.


It’s time to reward attention
66% of customers say the ability to earn rewards actually changes their spending behavior. With SMOC you can give people an array rewards for different actions inside your Conversation Flows.

Customer Data Platform

Get to know your audience in all new ways
Collect, segment and take action on high quality 1st party data, and use it to drive more conversions and higher engagement.

Integration Hub

Use actionable data in harmony with your other tools
Sync all of the data collected through your Conversation Flows with the other systems you already have in place.

Increased conversions with 55%

"SMOC.AI has showed a new and better way to run online campaigns. We saw that there were many opportunities and and a huge potensial, in combination with our strategy"

Henrik Haug
Chief of Digital Development

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Want to get started? We’re ready to go!

We know that new things are just that; new. That’s why our Customer Success team, lead by our lovely Kine, will have you up and running using best practices in no time! With everything from our Conversation Flow template library, our built-in reward options, and ready to go integrations, your brand will be seeing the effects of rewarding attention before you know it!
Steinar Svalesen
“The team and I are ready when you are. Let's get started with rewarding attention! 😄”
Kine Aarum

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