Let's put an end to creepy advertising!

Anti-creepy ads

Ads from our platform are only shown when users want to see them. Once they are ready, they can start collecting rewards through the ads.

Our research show that people don't like to be creeped by ads with their personal information or issues in them, and interfering in their way only makes them close the ads even faster!

Nobody likes stalkers. 

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50 % of global internet users have installed ad blockers.

(HostingFacts, Internet Facts 2019)

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Anti-creepy ads

Privacy is core to the platform and the user experience!

Cool Partners and Rewards

All our advertisers have full flexibility over which partner channels and rewards they want to use: Mobile data, frequent flyer miles, free rides on scooters, parking minutes, climate positivity etc.

Local ads

Ads will be shown when users are in specific areas, when shared by friends, or if a specific interest triggers the ad.

No cure, no pay

Only if users pay attention to your specific ads you pay for it. It can be watching a video or making a purchase - depending on the campaign type you set.

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First time you sign up you get free ad credits to use on your campaign

Create campaign

We have a variety of partners you can connect with, and several ad types to generate awareness, visits, sales, loyalty and referrals.

Get happy users

We offer ads for online sites, apps and physical venues. Set up your campaign and get motivated customers!

People are all about the rewards

Imagine your customers parking their city bike, car or scooter in the city center. Your ad can sponsor their parking or ride in exchange for their attention.

Rewards can be mobile data, parking minutes, credits to earn free rides, frequent flyer miles, climate positivity, and more.

We bet they'll come back to you for more, why wouldn't they?


With rewarded ads, users are 2x more likely to be positive towards the advertiser.

Source: Forrester

People go on missions to collect rewards

Level 1

Viewing an ad, watching video ads and visiting websites/apps. 

Level 2

Visiting different venues such as stores, cafés or restaurants, buying something, website sign ups and app installs.

Level 3

Share offers with your friends and you both receive reward if your friend completes the mission.

Increase effectiveness from ads

Transform your marketing budget into rewards. We offer a wide range of ad types!

First time you sign up you get free credits. Create an account and join us to put an end to creepy advertising!

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Boost engagement and revenues with ads

By opening up your channels for advertising with the SMOC.AI platform engagement with your users will grow stronger, while your revenues increase.

User are incentivized by your rewards to see and engage with ads.

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