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SMOC Reward Flows let you reward the attention from your digital traffic, each step of the customer journey, right along with your other marketing activities. Scroll to see some use cases.

Add conversations to any online or offline traffic source you already work with today, and start talking with your customers. Be creative with how you collect insights and data throughout the customer journey. Add rewards where needed to help achieve the goal of the conversation. Scroll for examples of creative use cases below.

Reward customers

✅ Gather first party data
⭐️ Build brand awareness
📲 Drive app downloads
💌 Run interactive newsletters
💤 Re-active sleeping customers

Reward ambassadors

ℹ️ Onboard and get user feedback
👥 Drive referrals
↗️ Upsell and increase consumption
🗓 Handle event sign ups
💝 Win back lost customers

Reward leads

🛒 Convert to customers
👀 Get audience insights
🎁 Recruit loyalty club members
🏆 Improve your social media competitions
🎮 Gamify your digital channels
How users enter conversations

Customers enter conversations from a traffic source with a call to action. Conversations thus act as a landing page opened in a browser on a mobile or desktop device. Alternatively, you can integrate conversations into your own website or app.

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