Here’s how

SMOC.AI works

Learn how quick and easy it is for you to get started with rewarding attention.
where in your digital customer journeys you want to increase conversions and engagement.

Our platform can be used in all of the steps so here it’s just a matter of where you want to start.
relevant predefined conversations, using our attention grabbing Conversation Flow format.

Our Conversation Flow Studio is set up so that you can either start from scratch, or use one of our many ready to go templates, that are based of our best practises.
Rewards and gamification to drive even more engagement around your brands offerings. You can either provide your own rewards, or pick from our Reward Ecosystem.

Using these built-in ones you can reward user action with Apple App Store or Zalando gift cards, Norwegian CashPoints, donations to Plan International or Plastic Positive, or even prepaid MasterCards that can be used in any online store!
the conversations in your marketing channels, like websites, landing pages or apps. Wherever you send your organic and paid traffic, and regardless of what type of distribution channels you use, that’s a destination you can place your SMOC Conversation Flows.

Either embed your Conversation Flows easily using the iFrame web standard, or host it on our platform if you can’t (or want to) involve your web developers.
and optimize the conversations and rewards used, with our powerful predictive AI features.

What Conversation flow paths are your users taking?
Where do they drop off?
What reward types do they pick in exchange for their attention and actions?
Which of the A/B test worked the best?

These are all insights you’ll get using our platform.

Use SMOC.AI to:

Convert leads

Stand out from your competitors and present your value propositions using an interactive chat format! Talk with your audience and guide their journeys with your brand based on their indicated interest and needs.

Boost Engagement

Use gamification and rewards to increase engagement rates throughout your digital channels. Are users to get smaller amounts of rewards for each step in the Conversation Flow they take, or a bigger sum by completion? You decide!

Recommend and upsell

Present your latest and most relevant offerings to your existing customers, and help them see the value in upgrading or buying more.

Gather Feedback

No need to guess what your customers are thinking. Simply ask like you would in person and adapt the predefined conversation based on the users answers.

Smooth Onboarding

Talk and guide users through new releases, features or experiences. There is nothing like someone helpful presenting you news in the form of multimedia like images, videos and knowledge-testing surveys.

Run Referral Campaigns

Motivate your happiest and best customers to bring in new fans to your brand. You will also help your customers present your brand in the best way possible, since you set how the referral communication will be in the referral Conversation Flow.

Run Referral Campaigns

After signing in to your SMOC.AI Account, you can set up and publish your first SMOC Flow in a matter of hours!