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Create higher engagement in your channels, and reward your users for their attention.

By opening up your channels for advertising with the SMOC.AI platform you increase the engagement with your users while increasing revenues.

Boost engagement and revenues from ads

Your users are incentivized by your rewards to see and engage with ads. 

Your users always have control over whether or not they are ready to consume ads, making it less intrusive.

Typical partners we integrate with


Mobile data is a very strong reward, especially for younger generations.


Think of frequent flyer miles, parking minutes or free rides on a electrical scooter!

Bounded ecosystems

Bounded ecosystems such as on a cruise and airports.

Online platforms

Websites and apps offering services, such as booking tables, finding local guides etc.

Join as channel or reward - or both!

Some partners have both the reward and the channels. But for others, we match rewards with channels. You can easily make your channel available or plug in your reward to one or more of our partner’s channels.

Channels and rewards are available for partners given both parties agree. 

Gain happy users and new revenues


When collecting your rewards, users are more likely to use your service again (and again).

They can also share offers with friends, which opens up for new and loyal users to your service. 

Increased revenues

By offering channels and rewards to advertisers you open up a new revenue stream.

In return for the rewards, users will increase their spending and time with your service. 

Smart & responsible

Naturally, our solution has strong machine learning and personalisation features.

But it is done on the consumer’s terms and they are in control.

Always in control

All our partners have full flexibility over which advertisers and other partners they want to be associated within the ecosystem.

How to integrate

Timeline for partner integration varies between two weeks to two months given the complexity.

We offer several ways to integrate:
• Using one of our chatbots as front end
• Using our smart card display solution (coming soon!)
• APIs

Join us to put an end to creepy advertising!

Contact us for an informal chat and we can help you set up as a partner!

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