Norwegian's VISA Conversion Up 65%

Long story short? They used SMOC.AI's engagement software, and a quiz to catch the attention of customers. Scroll down to learn more.
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Oslo, Norway


MS Dynamics

Use case

Educate about CashPoints and Norwegian's VISA Card


Use a quiz to tell customers about CashPoints, and the benefits of using their Norwegian Card

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The winner of the competition received 1000 CashPoints

Norwegian Uses Chatbot to Boost VISA Card Conversions

Norwegian Airlines, Norway's largest airline and the fourth largest low-cost carrier in Europe, offers a VISA Card service that awards customers with "CashPoints" for their next travel. To educate their customers about CashPoints and promote the Norwegian VISA Card, Norwegian partnered with SMOC.AI, utilizing a chatbot and quiz to increase engagement and conversions.

How Norwegian's Chatbot Quiz Increased VISA Card Conversions by 65%

Norwegian Airlines collaborated with SMOC.AI to create a fun and engaging quiz, educating customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland about their Norwegian Card service. The quiz asked questions about customer spending habits and demonstrated how many CashPoints they could earn by using Norwegian's VISA Card. Examples of rewards, such as a round-trip to Spain, were provided to capture customers' attention and retain engagement.

To further incentivize participation, Norwegian offered 1000 CashPoints to lucky contest participants. The strategy proved successful, leading to a 65% increase in VISA card conversions, providing valuable education to customers, and driving business growth.
“Norwegian uses SMOC to increase awareness and engagement for our loyalty program, Norwegian Reward.”

May Haukedahl
- VP Loyalty & Partnerships
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Norwegian's Chatbot Boosts VISA Campaign

Leveraging SMOC.AI's engagement software, Norwegian achieved impressive results, with a 65% higher conversion rate compared to previous campaigns. The quiz proved highly engaging, retaining 71% of the 268,884 people who participated until the end, with an average engagement time of 186 seconds.

By partnering with SMOC.AI and utilizing a chatbot quiz, Norwegian successfully promoted their VISA Card and educated their customers about CashPoints. The success of the campaign highlights the effectiveness of innovative marketing strategies in driving customer engagement and conversions.
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"SMOC.AI has showed a new and better way to run online campaigns. We saw that there were many opportunities and and a huge potensial, in combination with our strategy"

Henrik Haug

Chief of Digital Development