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Read how they have learned more about who their users are and where they come from. Keep reading to learn more.
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The company

True Energy is a Danish technology company, founded in 2018 by Charlotte Blou Sand and since April 2021 owned by Swiss Landis+Gyr, a multinational corporation operating in over 30 countries and headquartered in Switzerland. Landis+Gyr makes meters and related software for electricity and gas utilities.

True Energy's mission is to provide EV owners with easy and convenient ways to lower their climate impact while saving money. They can do this through automated and intelligent charging, combined with smart grid-integrated flexibility services.


True Energy wanted help with its onboarding process. They wanted a better way to show the users what they provide, and whom their services are made for.

They used SMOC.AI to develop an onboarding flow as the first interaction with users downloading the True Energy app.

The flow contains questions about what kind of EV and charge box the user has and tells them immediately if they can use the app. And if the user does not have an EV it tells them that they can use the app to check the electricity prices.


The results from this campaign have provided True Energy with more detailed information on its users. The questions “weeded out” users who could not use the app to smart charge, and provided more information on the relevant users.

The campaign is used as an ongoing efficient onboarding flow and shows how SMOC.AI flows can be used to educate customers, set expectations, and at the same time gather information about specific target groups.
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"SMOC.AI has showed a new and better way to run online campaigns. We saw that there were many opportunities and and a huge potensial, in combination with our strategy"

Henrik Haug

Chief of Digital Development