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How homely got 2-3x Lead Conversion Rates and Invaluable Customer Insights.



Safety Alarm


Oslo, Norway


Salesforce CRM, Zapier

Use case

Convert traffic to leads and create warmer leads


Use landing page with product decision tree based on customer answers to present offer and convert lead

Digital channel



Become customer on a great offering!

About Homely

Homely is a Scandinavian safety alarm challenger founded in 2017, experiencing 2x annual growth since its inception. As a core challenger in the market, Homely delivers modern home alarms with professional services in a simpler and more affordable way than traditional players.

By using relevant technology and a transparent pricing model, the company redefines the experience of safety for the general public.


Homely sought to achieve three main goals:

A. Increase website traffic conversions and capture more leads

B. Collect valuable customer insights and data

C. Seamlessly integrate captured leads into their Salesforce CRM system

“SMOC has given us a modern tool for entering into dialogue with our customers! Live in less than 1 week! ”

Petter Kildal ForsethCEO
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Smoc.AI implemented an "always-on" conversational marketing flow with the following key components:

1. A strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) button on Homely's homepage, directing potential customers to a dedicated landing page.

2.An interactive conversational marketing flow featuring a series of predefined questions, allowing visitors to learn more about Homely's services while sharing their unique needs and preferences.

3. An integration with Salesforce using Zapier to automatically transfer captured leads into Homely's CRM system.


The conversational marketing flow proved highly successful, delivering impressive results for Homely:

1. A 2-3x increase in session-to-lead conversion rates over the course of a year, resulting in a marked improvement compared to standard landing page conversion rates.

2. A significant increase in visitor engagement with the flow, resulting in a considerable improvement compared to typical landing page engagement rates.

3. Visitors spent a meaningful amount of time engaging with the flow, learning about Homely's services, and providing valuable information.


By implementing a conversational marketing flow and integrating it with Salesforce, SMOC's marketing platform helped Homely significantly increase their conversion rates, enhance customer insights, and streamline their lead management process.

This innovative approach allowed Homely to better educate potential customers about their services while collecting invaluable data for future marketing efforts.

Our marketing services can help other clients achieve similar success, driving growth and enhancing their online presence.


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“SMOC has given us a modern tool for entering into dialogue with our customers! Live in less than 1 week! ”

Petter Kildal Forseth