Learn how SMOC supercharges your sales and marketing

Grow your business, by engaging with and rewarding your audience through the whole customer journey.

  • Reduced CAC
  • Reduced churn
  • Increased revenues
Grow your business, by engaging with and rewarding your audience through the whole customer journey
Supercharging your marketing and sales with proactive chatbots, that reward great conversations.
Don’t talk to your customers, communicate with them instead. Proactive SMOC Campaigns reward the people visiting your app or website, and help them find what they are looking for.

What are
proactive chatbots?

What are proactive SMOC Campaigns?

SMOC campaigns are a pre-programmed chat flows that are taught to mimic the way your best employees communicate with your leads, customers and ambassadors. Conversations like these can be placed in your app and/or website where they can welcome and guide your visitors, like digital butlers. With these you engage people to learn even more about your company and offerings, at the same time as you gain valuable insights from how they interact with them.

Learn about the different types of SMOC Campaigns and the types of conversations they handle, that help you grow your business, below.
Learn about our rewards
Learn about our rewardsConvert campaignsPost purchase campaignsSurvey campaignsReferral campaigns

Convert campaigns:

Whatever type of conversions you are trying to achieve - like newsletter sign ups, meeting bookings, order completions - proactive conversations help you increase them.

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Post purchase campaigns:

We all know the great feeling you get right after you complete an order online. Why not supercharge that feeling by building loyalty right then and there?

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Survey campaigns:

No one likes a long and boring questionnaire. Gain insights from your customers by using gamified survey polls that reward the people filling them out.

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Referral campaigns:

Make your most satisfied customers your best marketers, by rewarding them for their referrals. Think about it; who do you trust more? A friend or an ad on social media?

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