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Using SMOC campaigns

See and test how your business can leverage the power of reward-driven SMOC campaigns.

  • Reduced CAC
  • Reduced churn
  • Increased revenues
Reach and surpass your marketing, sales and customer success goals, regardless of your company role and business type.
Now that you know how the SMOC technology works, let’s look at some use cases and how they affect your businesses goals.

Learn about our rewardsConvert your trafficSurvey your customersIncrease purchase satisfactionRun referral campaigns

Convert your traffic:

Use SMOC campaigns to bring a proactive, gamified and rewarding element to your landing pages. Stand out from your competitors and bring your businesses personality front and center, by having engaging conversations on your websites. Increase interactions, session lengths, and conversion rates today!

See how by clicking here.

Increase purchase satisfaction:

SMOC campaigns are a great way to follow up your brand new customers, right after they make a purchase. Re enforce their purchasing decision, reward them for their feedback on the experience and provide great reasons for them to come back and bring their friends along!

See how by clicking here.

Survey your customers:

Let’s retire old style, boring and often long customer questionnaires. Let’s rather use gamification and rewards to gain valuable insights from our customers. This way, your customers actually want to participate in these, and everyone gets rewarded!

See how by clicking here.

Run referral campaigns:

It’s time to spend time and effort on your ambassadors, by rewarding your customers to refer your businesses offerings to friends and family! That’s where SMOC referral campaigns come in to help you along.

See how by clicking here.



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