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All businesses should be interested in checking in on their customer base, every once in a while. While many do, a lot of them do this in quite the non engaging and boring way. Either by making their customers go through way too time consuming questionnaires, or simply by making the experience dull over all. To address this, we made SMOC Survey bots.
On the top of this page you see an interactive demo of a SMOC survey campaign, exemplifying a fictitious SaaS company, called Gunnarsson Solutions.
This company has some universal business goals in mind regarding how they want to follow up on and learn about their customer base, and they are to:
Offload their customer success team, so that they can spend more time on the more urgent cases that need to be handled by human personnel.
Gain valuable insights about what works and doesn’t, regarding their offerings.
Give back to their customers and ambassadors for sharing their opinions of them.
Build loyalty.
All of these goals are being addressed in the interactive SMOC conversation example, you see on the left on this page. Try it out to see how, and get your own SMOC reward for doing so as well.
All of these goals are being addressed in the example bot you see higher up on this page. Try out the bot to see how, and get your own SMOC reward for doing so as well.
This type of bot can be placed on any website or app you want, using a simple iFrame code. That’s how we have embedded the bot above, letting it blend in with the rest of this webpage’s design.

All SMOC bots also have their own dedicated website URL, if you want to send users directly to the bot either from an email or a marketing campaign in your social media channels for example.
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