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SMOC Rewards

See what types of rewards you as a business can use to reward your leads’, customers’ and ambassadors’ attention.

  • Reduced CAC
  • Reduced churn
  • Increased revenues
See what types of rewards you as a business can use to reward your leads’, customers’ and ambassadors’ attention.
In a world where we are all bombarded with ads, messages and inputs, we believe that you should reward the attention of those who are spending it on you. Because of this we have built our conversational commerce tools with rewards at their core.
Trigger rewards as results for any actions your bot interactors achieve. Want to reward them for watching your latest company video? Maybe for answering a survey about your offering? Or signing up for your newsletter? For referring your services to a friend? These are just some examples of reward triggers that you can use, to build loyalty with your leads, customers and ambassadors.
What you want to reward them with is all up to you. Our platform has several built-in rewards ready for you to use from our partner network. Beyond these you can also offer your own rewards, either from your businesses products or services, or related offerings. Learn more about the different reward types below.
Digital MasterCard gift cards
Offer digital gift cards that can be everywhere online, that accept regular MasterCards. Let your engaged bot users spend their rewards on whatever they like. You decide the amounts that are to be triggered for each action, and when these are met, we at Smoc take care of delivering the gift cards by email.
Climate compensation options
from Chooose
Let people and businesses use their earned reward towards climate actions that contribute to the green shift. They can offset their carbon footprint or support CO2-reducing projects that are being realized as a result of the offsets. Each contribution generates a digital certificate that you can share with your friends, followers and coworkers.
Hundreds of gift cards
(Coming soon)
Choose from over hundreds of local and global gift cards, ranging from Amazon, IKEA, Nike, Zalando, Asos, Apple, Starbucks,, Google, The Body Shop, Primark, Topshop, and many more! You pick the options you want, decide the amounts on them, and we take care of the rest.
Your own
(Manual handling or via
API integration to Smoc)
Reward with your own businesses loyalty points, discounts, vouchers, products, services and offerings. All reward triggering actions are registered in your Smoc account, so that you easily can keep track of what rewards you are to provide to who. And if you want to streamline and automate the whole reward chain from your Smoc bots, to your ecommerce or invoicing systems, the Smoc system is fully integratable via API. Do you want to be featured as a built-in reward for other Smoc clients? Reach out by clicking here.
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