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Make your best customers your greatest sales people by using SMOC referral campaigns

Try one of our referral campaigns here, see how the power of referral can increase customer loyalty, and bring in warmer and more high quality leads.

  • Reduced CAC
  • Reduced churn
  • Increased revenues

Example of a SMOC Referral campaign

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Try one of our post purchase bots here, and see how immediately following up and rewarding your customers, can boost loyalty for your business.
One of the greatest achievements any business can achieve, is having a happy customer base. Even better than that, is having a bunch of ambassadors. So why not encourage these relations, by rewarding your customers to refer your businesses offerings to friends and family? That’s where SMOC referral campaigns come in.
On the top of this page you see an interactive demo of a SMOC referral bot, exemplifying a fictive telecommunications company, called Cool Mobile.
This company has some goals regarding customer retention and advocacy, and they are to:
Show their existing customers that they value their efforts to spread the word.
Get warmer leads than from their more “classic” marketing efforts.
Reduce their lead acquisition costs.
All of these goals are being addressed in the example campaigns you see higher up on this page. Try out the campaigns to see how, and get your own SMOC reward for doing so as well.
This type of bot can be placed on any website or app you want, using a simple iFrame code. That’s how we have embedded the bot above, letting it blend in with the rest of this webpage’s design.

All SMOC bots also have their own dedicated website URL, if you want to send users directly to the bot either from an email or a marketing campaign in your social media channels for example.
See and test other use cases for rewarding SMOC bots, by using
the menu below.
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