A reward fueled conversational data platform that increases your audience engagement and drives growth.
How Can I Use It?

Happy customers that convert

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You and your businesses know the struggle of grabbing attention and gathering data. That’s why our solution lets your brand set up personalized, scripted online conversations that we call SMOC Flows. These make your existing digital channels stand out, by using the engaging powers that dialogue formats allow. So bye bye to passive and static landing pages, and hello to welcoming and interactive experiences!
Drive interactions
Still, an engaging format alone can sometimes not be enough to motivate your leads and customers along. That’s why SMOC Flows can be reward fueled, letting your brand incentivise user action in return for relevant rewards. Either from your own brand or our reward partners.
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Reward-fueled or not, the main goal of using SMOC Flows throughout your customer journeys, is to learn more about your target audience. And by rewarding people’s attention through SMOC Flows, you will gather first party data and insights in brand new ways. Data that is extremely valuable on its own, but also a foundation for the powerful prediction tools that are built into SMOC.AI, that help you make even better
customer driven decisions.
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Frequently asked questions

Is SMOC.AI just another chatbot?

No, SMOC.AI customer data platform (CDP). The end user experience to gather all of the valuable data might look like a chatbot, but that is because we want to use interactive and gamified conversations to help our customers stand out and engage in new and exciting ways.

Where do SMOC.AI Flows fit in my customer journeys and digital channels?

SMOC Flows are meant to give life to or replace static landing pages, with a more proactive, welcoming conversation format.
Depending on the target group, one might enter a SMOC Flow from a social ad, email newsletter, SMS campaign or on any of your landing pages. Alternatively, you can embed SMOC Flows on your website or in your apps, by using iFrames. 

What KPIs do SMOC.AI help my business achieve?

SMOC Flows are built to reach a variety of business goals: Gather first party data, motivate sign ups, convert leads, drive conversions, obtain customer insight, re-activate sleeping customers, boost loyalty in loyalty clubs, send referrals, execute social competitions, to name a few. All while building brand awareness.

How do SMOC.AI rewards work?

Reward-fueled SMOC Flows motivate users to engage in different brand building actions, and in return they’ll receive rewards. Examples are: answering a question or survey, watching a YouTube video, downloading your app, visiting a specific URL, referring your product or brand to a friend, and leaving their (consented) contact information. 
You decide which actions trigger what types of rewards (if any at all). We either tailor your rewards to fit your own product or service (say, free trial, voucher, gift bag, counseling session), or offer rewards from our partner network (donations, universal gift cards, etc.).

What types of businesses do you work with?

SMOC.AI is already used by a variety of companies, like car subscription vendors, electric utility, retail, food and beverage, telecom, insurance, fintech, NGOs, and membership organizations.

How quickly can I get started with SMOC.AI?

After signing in to your SMOC.AI Account, you can set up and publish your first SMOC Flow in a matter of hours! 

Does SMOC.AI integrate with my other systems and tools?

Yes it does! All of the relevant data related to rewards, promos, leads and customers is available on our REST API, so you can easily leverage the data gathered with SMOC.AI where you see it fit. Furthermore, we also provide a Zapier integration, to make it even easier for you to track the customer journey with SMOC involved.