Cut through the noise.

Reward attention®

Using engaging conversations, rewards, gamification, and our custom built recommendation engine.

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SMOC.AI lets you gamify interactions between your brand and target audience

Any sequence, such as visiting a specific part of your website, submitting a form, watching a video, referring friends, answering a survey question, is thus rewarding - literally. 

Endless reward options 💎

Reward your audience for spending time with your brand with a variety of available rewards, such as vouchers and discounts on your own products or services, or opt for a universal gift card, climate-positive quotas or what else might tickle your feet in our SMOC.AI Reward partners network.
Examples of SMOC Rewards:
20% off next purchase
Voucher for 10$
Donation to a nonprofit organisation
Prepaid MasterCard gift cards
A free cup of coffee
Extended trial period

What studies say 📚


year over year growth

for organizations using rewards. Source: Incentive Research Foundation.


the effectiveness 

at converting that conversational experiences have over traditional landing pages. Source: Shoppop.


greater likelihood of brand choice

when optimising advertising for attention, than optimising on viewability. Source: Amplified intelligence.


of people would be more likely to make a purchase

if they could get answers over messaging. Source: LivePerson.

Up to 150%

increase in engagement

with gamification, in metrics including unique views, page views, community activities and time on site. Source: M2 Research.

Got a question?

Is SMOC.AI just another chatbot?

No, SMOC.AI is a marketing software that helps your business cut through advertising noise by offering rewards in return for attention and valuable data, in a media landscape where third party cookies have gone stale.

We might look like a chatbot, but only because we use interactive and gamified conversations to drive actions, gather data (with consent), and reward your target group thereafter. We call this engagement format a “SMOC Reward flow”.

Where do SMOC.AI Reward flows fit in my customer journeys?

SMOC Reward flows are meant to give life to or replace static landing pages with a more up-to-date, interactive and easy solution.

Depending on the target group, one might enter SMOC Reward flow from a social ad, email newsletter, SMS campaign or through your brand’s own, organic channels. Alternatively, you can embed SMOC in your website or apps using an iFrame.

What types of goals does SMOC.AI help my business achieve?

SMOC Reward flows are built to reach to a variety of goals in you marketing mix: Gather first party data, motivate sign ups, acquire hot leads, drive conversions, obtain customer insight, re-activate sleeping customers, boost loyalty in loyalty clubs, send referrals, execute social competitions, to name a few. All while building brand awareness.

How do SMOC.AI rewards work?

SMOC Reward flows motivate users to engage in different brand building actions, and in return they’ll receive rewards. Examples are: answering a question or survey, watching a video, downloading your app, visiting a specific URL, referring your product or brand to a friend, and leaving their (consented) contact information.

You decide which actions trigger what types of rewards (if any at all). We either tailor your rewards to fit your own product or service (say, free trial, voucher, gift bag, counseling session), or offer rewards from our partner network (donations, universal gift cards, etc.).

What types of businesses do you work with?

SMOC.AI is already used by a variety of companies, like car subscription vendors, electric utility, retail, food and beverage, telecom, insurance, fintech, NGOs, and membership organizations.

Does SMOC.AI integrate with my other systems and tools?

Yes it does! All of the relevant data related to rewards, promos and customers is available on our REST API, so you can easily leverage the data gathered with SMOC.AI where you see it fit. Furthermore, we also provide a Zapier integration, to make it even easier for you to track the customer journey with SMOC involved.