How did NAF tell their customers that their service now includes electric cars, while having a competition?

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That's right! They used SMOC.AI ́s engagement software. Keep reading to see how they did it.
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Association for car owners


Oslo, Norway



Use case

Educate about electric car service


Use a quiz to tell customers about electric car service

Digital channel

Newsletter and social platforms


The winner of the competition receives a home charger
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The company

NAF stands for Norwegian Automobil-federation and is a Norwegian organization for car owners. NAF was established in 1924 and has more than 500.000 members. NAF can help in many different ways, but mainly within topics such as traffic safety, the environmental impact of transport, accessibility, the need for better roads and infrastructure, taxes, and public transport.


NAF wanted to educate their members that their service now also includes electric cars. They wanted to do this in an engaging and rewarding way. This is where SMOC entered the picture. SMOC developed a competition quiz, consisting of questions surrounding electric cars. How many electric cars are there in Norway, and if it's allowed to charge at home with a normal socket in the wall, these are examples of questions that were in the quiz. By completing the quiz, NAF members joined the draw for a home charger from Zaptec.


After this campaign, NAF could tell that the results that came back were truly impressive. Results showed that surprisingly 2.200 readers scrolled down to the bottom of the newsletter and completed the quiz.

The quiz published through the Facebook ad showed even better engagement. Almost 7.000 people finished the quiz through this channel. NAF managed to educate about their electric car service and using a SMOC flow to attract attention proved to be successful.
”Great fun to see how engaged our members were in the SMOC quiz. Many thanks to SMOC/Kine and Henrik for brilliant assistance, help, tips, and tricks when we had to set up our first flow.”
- Oddbjørg Berge, CRM-adviser in NAF.
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"SMOC.AI has showed a new and better way to run online campaigns. We saw that there were many opportunities and and a huge potensial, in combination with our strategy"

Henrik Haug

Chief of Digital Development