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Try one of our post purchase bots here, and see how immediately following up and rewarding your customers, can boost loyalty for your business.

Increasing your website conversions by using SMOC Convert bots

Try one of our convert bots here, and see how gamification and rewards can drive conversion for your business.

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Try out a conversational based campaign right here!
Say you are a marketing manager in a business to consumer organisation, and you are struggling to convert the traffic that is coming to your website. This unfortunately is a common struggle for marketers all over the globe, and that is why we’ve made SMOC Convert bots.
Differentiate themselves in a crowded market, by offering a different customer interaction experience
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Get better and more engaged leads from the marketing efforts they are doing.
Start their loyalty journey with the first interaction
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Reward the attention of leads that have found their way to their website.
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Offload their sales team by helping leads, help themselves.
Reduce their lead acquisition costs. 
All of these goals are being addressed in the interactive SMOC conversation example, you see on the left on this page. Try it out to see how, and get your own SMOC reward for doing so as well.
All of these goals are being addressed in the example bot you see higher up on this page. Try out the bot to see how, and get your own SMOC reward for doing so as well.
This type of bot can be placed on any website or app you want, using a simple iFrame code. That’s how we have embedded the bot above, letting it blend in with the rest of this webpage’s design.

All SMOC bots also have their own dedicated website URL, if you want to send users directly to the bot either from an email or a marketing campaign in your social media channels for example.
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