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First, tell us about your email distribution

This info tells us how many potential existing customers you can engage with a conversation based, reward fueled referral campaign, and also how engaging with these can activate new leads

How many registered emails (with consent) do you have in your business's database?
The amount of started referral conversations with excisting customers via email. The average email click through rate is around 3%
What is the average openring rate of the emails your business?
PS: If you don't know, the general average is about 20%
The amount of people who will finish the referral conversations
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Next, how much do you spend on acquiring new customers today?

This number helps us suggest a relevant reward to entice people with, both to start referring to their friends and family, but also to entice them to actually convert on your business offering

Roughfly, what are you paying for new leads today?
This is the amount we suggest you reward each party of the referral (your exsisting customer and each lead/customer they bring in)
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And here are some of the results you can expect

As you can see, using best practices related to conversational commerce, you get a viral engagement effect that is much higher than classic referral campaigns. But click on to see our summary

The amount of existing customers who share the referral offer
The amount of people your existing customers share the referral offer with
The amount of started refferal conversations with potential leads
The amount of registrered leads you can expect, based on how many people open their sent refferal link
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Based on these numbers you can…

Strengthen loyalty with existing users by literally giving back to them.
Reduce your cost of acquisitions (CAC) by 20%.
Increase the engagement rate by around 3X.
And based on the average amount of seconds of active attention these campaigns engage the audience, each person will have your brand in memory for 50 days! This is a far cry from talking about bounce rates - the percentage of people who visit a landing page and leave without clicking anything.

Btw, the average bounce rate for landing pages is about 70-90%!
As you can see, using the concept of conversational commerce with rewards to drive referrals, is a great way to communicate and engage with your target audience.
At SMOC.AI we are so huge believers in this concept that we have built a unique conversational commerce platform to help you get started. So what do you say, want to get started with rewarding attention?
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