How did Agria give to charity by getting customers to download their app?

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That's right! They used SMOC.AI ́s engagement software. Keep reading to see how they did it.
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Animal insurance


Oslo, Norway



Use case

App downloads


Get customers to download the app, and give to charities

Digital channel

Webpage made by SMOC


Donations to different animal charities
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The company

Agria is a company that offers digital counseling by talented animal veterinarians, every day, all year. They will give you and your pet good and flexible help regardless of where you are. In addition to Norway, Agria has operations in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, France, and Germany.

Agria also hosts different events for separate animal groups and has in the past held one event for dogs, one for cats, and one for horses. “With specialist knowledge and commitment, Agria will develop and sell a security for animals and people.” - Agria


Associated with these animal events, Agria wanted a flow that would make their customers download their app. The app is the software Agria uses for its digital counseling with animal owners.

SMOC.AI offered a clear flow that showcases the app's attributes and informed that every download donates 10 kroners to charity. The flow ends with guiding the customer to the store for downloading the app and takes into account whether you use iPhone or Android.


Agria experienced that 63% completed the conversation. The biggest factor to retrieve from this flow was that 93,9% of the customers that completed the conversation downloaded the app.

These numbers tell us that the flow managed to keep the customers engaged, and also resulted in solid donations to charity. The campaign shows that using a SMOC flow can take your company's digital marketing to new heights..
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"SMOC.AI has showed a new and better way to run online campaigns. We saw that there were many opportunities and and a huge potensial, in combination with our strategy"

Henrik Haug

Chief of Digital Development