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Our unique platform connects

advertisers, partners and users

in a trusted, mutually rewarding ecosystem

You’ve earned 20 min. of  free parking minutes!
Our unique platform connects advertisers, partners and users in a trusted, mutually rewarding ecosystem
Only pay for results

Only pay for


With SMOC, the exposure you get is free. You only pay when users actively respond to your ad, by watching your video or visiting your website for example. Which means that any and all advertising spend you invest with SMOC guarantees results.

absolutely no risk

Harness the latest attention-grabbing

conversational ads

The days of intrusive, ineffective banner ads are over. SMOC’s cutting-edge technology enables conversational advertising with compelling images or videos that prompt users to spread your message to their friends.

By integrating your ads into relevant conversations that other companies (our partners) have with their users, SMOC enables you to reach their customers.

You can also choose to engage directly with customers through your own channels, by using SMOC’s chatbots on your website for example.

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Create your account

Sign up and get access to your personal console.

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Choose partner channels

Choose which partners you want to collaborate with to access their channels and offer rewards to their users.

Different partners channels offer different rewards based on the conversations they know will attract their users. Examples include mobile data, scooter rides, parking minutes and climate-positive credits.

You can also use SMOC for your own channels (in the same way as our partners do), e.g. by using our chatbots on your website.

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Launch your first campaign

What would you like users to do in exchange for their reward?

Choose from a range of ways to engage – from simply viewing your ad or watching a video, to visiting your website, installing an app, making a purchase, etc.

Then enter your preferred bid per conversion – which is what you choose to spend each time a user has completed the requested task. You can also add a bid per referral – and thereby reward the user if they share your ad.

And remember, you don’t pay for exposure – only conversions!

Your first campaign is on us!
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how it works

Let SMOC work its magic

Using sophisticated AI technology, SMOC places your ad in front of the right users at the right time. Naturally, our solution has strong machine learning and personalization features.

Your ad will be shown when users are in a specific location, when they share an interest relevant to your brand, or when a friend shares your ad with them.

100% of your ad spend is directed to active users who choose to opt in to a rewarding ad experience.

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A/B testing

Use A/B testing to determine which offers perform best. Then adapt your campaign and ad spend accordingly.

Pay for results

Remember, SMOC uses the cost-per-conversion payment model – meaning you only pay for results!

Type of payment

Choose between a monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go using a credit card.

Track, adapt, settle, replay

Track, adapt, settle, replay

SMOC gives you full insight into how your campaigns are performing.

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